1. Sorry, we do not board giant breeds of dogs. Nor do we board un-neutrered (intact) males. Please no puppies under 6 months of age.
2. Proof of Vaccinations or titer testing required, for Rabies, DHPP.
3. Due to shedding of virus after inoculation, and to prevent the spread of communicable diseases at our kennel, please plan to have your pets inoculations completed at least ten days before  leaving him/her with us.
4. During warmer months, Flea & Tick “Spot On” preventative treatment is recommended.
5. Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine optional.

What to bring:
1. We encourage you to bring piece of clothing or your dogs bedding. Bedding is supplied if you choose not to bring any.
2. Please bring your dogs food to avoid digestive upsets. A one gallon plastic food bag works well for food storage for most dogs on three day weekend stays.
Please, DO NOT include food scoops or measuring cups. In case of bad weather, or change in travel plans, it is wise to pack extra food.
3. As part of our “emergency plan” please label your dogs food with:
    1) Dogs name
    2) Owners name
    3) Phone number to contact “in case of emergency”.

What we provide:
1. Stainless steel feeding bowls
2. Cots and bedding
3. Toys, treats and chewies
4. Splash pools

Please print out the New Client Card and bring with you on your first visit.


Day Care & Boarding Information


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