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Pampering here is natural.

The Groom Room is a shop dedicated to the quality of the whole dog grooming experience. It is a shop for dog owners who understand the difference between just getting a dog groomed and having a pet stylist with higher standards. We are continually seeking out advances in handling, safety, health, equipment and styling techniques. Your pet should always go home happier for having been here.

Jane Anderson, owner/operator of The Groom Room, understands the passion pet owners have for their pets. It mirrors her emotions towards her own "doggie companions." The Groom Room commits to and reflects high standards of professional dog groommg.

The Groom Room caters to canines 45 pounds and under. The shop specializes in care for long haired dogs, shedding reduction, and the art of quality hand scissoring.

The Groom Room offers services such as:

All small/medium-sized breeds, great mutts, and designer canines are welcome.